ISO 9001-2008 & 14001 Certified

We administer complete Turnkey solutions for Starch industry wastewater. It is characterized by a high organic matter load and seasonal factory operations. Characteristics of tapioca starch waste water depends on the quality of Cassava roots. Major two processes are generating the waste water for washing the roots and for extraction process. Generally, 20-25 m3 of waste water will be generated to produce about 1 MT of starch.



Flow and other parameters characteristic may vary based on process conditions, project location, etc.


Major of the starch mill waste water is treated in series of anaerobic lagoons then followed by aerobic lagoons before discharge into water stream but now a day’s open ponds are banned due to GHG’s emissions and land and water contamination.

ZPHBTM – U / ZPHBTM – H Reactors

We give turnkey solutions for this starch waste water treatment to capture biogas then utilized for heating purpose or power generation through biogas engine after hydrogen sulphide (H2S) removal through scrubber system. We have two systems ZPHBTM - U (Up Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor) and second one ZPHBTM-H (Hybrid Media Reactor). Reactor will be selected based on inlet flow and client requirements / final end use application is very important. Treated effluent from reactor is taken into existing aerobic ponds or Activated sludge process system before discharge into water streams.


1. Chemicals are not required to maintain the pH
2. Very simple hassle free operation & maintenance free
3. Higher efficiency and capturing more Biogas than other CIGAR (Covered in Ground Anaerobic Reactor) technology.
4. Operation and monitoring through PLC/SCADA system.