ISO 9001-2008 & 14001 Certified

Our most promising ZPHB™ technology is for medium to higher organic load effluents. It is a unique design technology operating on either Mesophilic or Thermophilic process. Mixers / GLSS / Media / Gas Mixing / pump recirculation are designed for effective mixing of raw waste water for proper degradation by microorganisms and allow maximum removal efficiency of COD and BOD with consistent results. Control of process is simple and user friendly with automation.

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1. Efficiently designed for higher Hydraulic and Solids Retention Time.
2. Complete Homogenization, resulting in higher Methane & Biogas Generation.
3. Higher removal of BOD and COD.
4. Maintenance Free and Less OPEX.
5. Long durability and proven reliability


The ZPHB™-C is a conventional digester design consisting of an above-ground tank with a fixed MS Roof. ZPHB™-C tanks are manufactured from Special grade MS Plates. The ZPHB™-C utilises the lateral agitator and top entry mixing system to mix the slurry, giving good surface contact between microbes and organic matter, which results into higher biogas production.

Biogas is collected at the top of the digester roof then goes to a gas holder either of Double Membrane type or MS Gas Holder. The slurry overflow from the digester is passed to the ZPHB™ clarifier where the separation of biomass takes place, then part of biomass will be recycled back to the system to maintain the F/M ratio. The overflow will be taken to further process


ZPHB™–U reactor consists of mainly feed distribution network at the bottom from Distribution Box. Sludge blanket is formed at approx. mid height of reactor and the gas, liquid, solid separator (GLSS) at the top of the reactor. In ZPHB™–U process the bacteria responsible for digestion process are present in the form of sludge blanket. The bacteria grow and reside as bacterial flocks suspended in the up flow effluent stream. The bacteria take the organic content of wastewater to metabolize it and produce biogas and biomass. The anaerobically digested effluent is collected from the network of gutters and launders and part of treated effluent will be recycled back to buffer tank for hydrolysis.


ZPHB™–H is hybrid sludge blanket fixed film reactor and combination with ZPHB™-U Reactor. The design included flexi ring or other PVC media in upper portion of the reactor to trap the biomass and support fixed film growth. ZPHB™-H can be remarkably effective & efficient even with high loading rate and reduce BOD up to 95%, to give higher production of Biogas.


ZPHB™–G is Gas Mixing technology for mixing of the reactor contents and produce biogas from the waste. It is specially designed. The system is a combination of a Slurry mixing system and a gas mixing system. Pumping capacity and Gas volume will be designed based on reactor dimensions and gas generation potential to ensure proper and effective mixing takes place inside the reactor. The result is a combined horizontal and vertical mixing pattern because of gas bubbles.


We select the suitable reactor construction materials based on site conditions, location and CAPEX of the project. We provide RCC construction, MS Plate fabrication at Site and Bolted Tanks for the reactor. Roof is either Fixed MS or Double membrane type as per suitability. External Gas Holder will be RCC with MS tank or Complete MS Tank or Complete Double membrane type gas holder or RCC with Double membrane top.


The generated biogas from the reactor will be utilized in Biomass Boiler for heating, Biogas Engine for Power Generation and Biogas Upgradation for Bottling of Bio-methane for Domestic, Industrial & as a fuel for vehicles.