ISO 9001-2008 & 14001 Certified

1. Clarifier/ Clarification Technologies

A clarifier is generally used to remove solid particulates or suspended solids from liquid for clarification and (or) thickening.Use of clarifier reduces the turbidity, removes colour, colloidal particles and solids from water before fed into downstream process. In conventional clarification process, there are 4 stages,such as Coagulation, Flash Mixing, Flocculation and Clarifications.

This is 3-dimensional view of the clarifier used in our project where the scum skimmer helps to remove the floating material and the effluent overflows to the next process.

High Rated / Accelerated Clarifier

Awesome ImageAccelerated Clarifier is a high rate treating clarifier, which produces treated water of highest quality with minimum time, space and chemicals. In AC chemicals and large quantities of recalculating sludge’s are thoroughly mixed and are retained in close contact with each other for a prolonged period of time in the draft and cone sections of the solids clarifier. The intimate contact between the effluents, coagulant, polymer and previously formed sludge causes the chemical reactions to proceed at rapid rate with minimum use of chemicals. Furthermore, by contacting the water with the great volumes of sludge in circulation, maximum clarification of the water can be obtained by the adsorptive properties of the sludge or floccules which is formed.This type of clarifier increases settling efficiency due to the increased surface area. Also smaller area is required for installation of such types.


Awesome ImageDAF is an excellent solution for clarifying water with high levels of low-density solids and algae that cannot be removed efficiently with sedimentation. In the flotation unit, the pre-treated water is mixed with a recycled stream from the effluent compartment. The stream is transferred through a special pump and air saturation system in order to achieve, very fine air dispersion in the water.The released air form tiny bubbles which adhere to the suspended matter causing the suspended matter to float to the surface of the water where it may then be removed by a skimming device. Heavy particles are intercepted in the on-build sediment trap and are intermittently removed.


Uses small tanks high rise velocity permits usage of small tanks to handle variable solid loading. DAF can provide high float concentration & can remove low density particles which would require long settling periods.


Awesome ImageLamella Packs /clarifier system is to be used for surface water treatment along with pre-Coagulation and Flocculation system for removal of TSS, Colour, Algae etc. This lamella Settler will provide large projected surface area in a limited space than conventional settler. The flocculated water sludge enters into lamella pack system and clear water move upwards and sludge will be settled down on packs and move downwards due to gravity, then removed from bottom of the tank intermittently.


1. The main advantage of lamella clarifiers over other clarifying systems is the large effective settling area caused by the use of inclined plates, which improves the operating conditions of the clarifiers in a number of ways.
2. Operation within an enclosed space also allows for a better control of operating temperature and pressure conditions.
3. Lamella clarifiers also offer a simple design without requiring the use of chemicals. They are therefore able to act as pre-treatment for delicate membrane processes, where necessary flocculants may be added to promote efficiency.