ISO 9001-2008 & 14001 Certified

There are many methods available to remove the H2S content before being fed into Biogas Engine. H2S contents may vary from substrate to substrate / feed stocks to the digester so based on inlet H2S contents, projects location and client requirements the scrubbers are designed.

1. Water Scrubber – Simple system for less H2S contents
2. Chemical Scrubber - NaOH or Caustic will be used to prepare alkaline solution
3. Biological Scrubber – Thiobacillus organism will be used
4. Biochemical Scrubber – Both Bacteria and Chemicals will be used for removal of H2S

With our technology we design effective and less CAPEX and OPEX system for removal of hydrogen sulphide based on type of projects, Inlet and outlet H2S requirements along with Chiller / Dryer and Dehumidifier will be provided to remove complete moisture and reduce Temperature of the biogas of the system.

The critical component for Biogas engine operation is the control of H2S content for which we confirm following guideline for your system-design based on CH4 content from Biogas generation.

LHV 6.0kWh/Nm³ (CH4 60%) the H2S should not exceed < 293ppm/m3
LHV 5.0kWh/Nm³ (CH4 50%) the H2S should not exceed < 244ppm/m3
LHV 4.0kWh/Nm³ (CH4 40%) the H2S should not exceed < 195ppm/m3

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