ISO 9001-2008 & 14001 Certified

We provide complete packages for Softener Systems to meet the small to large scale industries requirements. Softeners are available as manual operation with individual valves, multiport valves and semi auto operation and auto operation with automatic multiport valve and individual auto pneumatic/electrically operated valves. Softener can be SKID mounted or in Containerized arrangements based on local or export orders requirements. Softening is a process where Calcium and Magnesium ions are exchanged for Sodium ions. Calcium and Magnesium ions associated with Alkalinity contribute for scale formation. These ions are also called as Total Hardness.

The strong Cation exchange resin in Sodium form is used for softening the water. When the resin is exhausted, it is regenerated with brine (Sodium Chloride solution) 10 % or 15% brine is normally used for the regeneration. The softeners are run up to the Hardness slip of 5 ppm as CaCO3 in the treated water.