ISO 9001-2008 & 14001 Certified

Commercial energy crops are high yielding crops, densely planted and are processed to bio-fuel and burnt to generate power. The energy crops are grass, maize, oats, straw, water hyacinth etc. The wastes from the farm can also be used to generate biogas, which reduces the greenhouse gas emissions. It has the potential to solve energy problems of the future world. The Bio-sludge from this process is used as fertilizer thus replacing the synthetic fertilizer



Our ZPHBTM biogas plants produce higher biogas and fertilizers from energy crops by wet fermentation process. We have both ZPHBTM agitators and gas mixing technology for anaerobic digestion. The silage energy crops are chopped fine and are collected in Collection tank / Pre hydrolysis tank where complete mixing taking place by agitator provided in the tank from then pumped to reactor through pump with chipping / macerator arrangement and after digestion outlet of the digester, will be taken into sludge holding tank from then pumped to Screw press/ Centrifuge for separation of bio solids. The solids and liquid will be used as fertilizer / land application. Part of liquid waste water will be reused for mixing of raw waste water.


Substrate Biogas Potential ( m3/Ton of Solids)
Maize silage 150- 200
Fresh Grass 160- 180
Sugar beet leaves 100-150


Gas will be collected in Gas Holder then pumped to Biogas engine after removal of H2S to produce electricity or biogas will be upgraded & bottling will be done after removal of CO2 and other impurities. We will provide Co-digestion substrates based on local availability for proper C/N ratio and smooth operation of the plant continuously without any issues. Our systems are simple and easy to operate through PLC/SCADA automation for monitoring of the plant.