ISO 9001-2008 & 14001 Certified

MSW (Municipal solid waste) handling and disposal are big concern in urban areas where local government and municipalities facing issues due to lack of proper places for conventional disposal / land fill areas and environmental problems. As conventional practices, most of the MSW will be land filled and part will be recycled, combusted and composted (organic fraction).

We are providing suitable solutions for handling MSW from Municipalities to cities to convert MSW to Biogas Energy through Anaerobic Digestion by using our ZPHB™ reactor. This will reduce the quantity of material being land filled, stabilize the organic material before disposal in order to reduce Environmental impacts from air and water emissions and recover energy.

In India and other countries, many of the AD plants were completely failed due to improper detailed engineering mainly Pre Treatment where separation of inorganic, plastics and other materials from organic fraction of the wastes takes places. We will conduct feasibility study to ensure the maximum receiving of organic fraction of MSW for better efficiency of AD system and make lesser ROI of the project.