ISO 9001-2008 & 14001 Certified

We have complete turnkey solutions for FMCG / FOOD processing industries to meet their local environmental regulations / discharge regulation or complete ZLD sustainability as per client requirements. We provide complete new systems for new projects and retrofitting / revamping of existing biological process to handle the shock load/ excess hydraulic / organic load to the system.

1. Pre Treatment- For removal of floating / fine screened materials / Temp & pH correction and Homogenization
2. Primary Treatment - Removal of Solids, oil & Grease through Pre DAF system / Clarifier with chemical addition
3. Secondary Treatment - Biological process through MBBR / MBR / Conventional ASP process followed by Clarifier or POST DAF
4. Tertiary Treatment - Disinfection and Filtration by sand and Carbon filter / UF / RO System
5. Sludge Management - Dewatering sludge through Centrifuge / Volute / Filter Press
6. Zero Liquid Discharge – 3 Stage RO System for maximum recovery then followed by Evaporator and ATFD


Inlet parameters characteristic may vary based on Process Involved, Factory Production, Product Selection & Location.